Crew training is an expensive part of the operational cost of an airline. Many training topics are legally required. Not only the time cost of training your crew but also the development cost of in house training can be seriously reduced by using this service from AviaCloud.

As an example we have developed a simple instruction video and examination module for the proper use of the ASR an company X, normally all initial pilots and cabincrew were trained in how to and when to file the ASR, this training lasted some 35 minutes, so for an average airline this adds up to hours of crew utilisation lost in training. At the cost of 1.500,- euro we have developed a tailor made training for this purpose, now all crew can be trained for only 5.- anytime anywhere.

In fact we can produce any training you want. Our video team can even help you to further improve the training material that you have.

Additional to the tailor made training we have available several generic training programs. For full details please contact our sales team.